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Our Amagansett Showroom

It started with a handshake. On a summer’s day in 1959, newlyweds Russell and Lynn Milton struck a deal with Mr. Schellenger as he sat astride his mare in a small field he owned in Amagansett. Soon afterward a shop was built and The Bayberry was born. The familiar steep pitched roof cottage covered with wisteria has been our trademark for 62 years.

In the late 60’s, David Seeler, a graduate in landscape architecture, set his sights on someday owning the garden center and built a friendship with the Miltons. In 1970 his dream was realized as the Miltons decided to retire. During the seventies and early eighties the original half acre garden center was expanded to the present 14 acre site. Out buildings, each with its own colorful history, were added to serve as offices, design space and tool sheds. The current design studio was moved around from the adjacent house and expanded. Ponds were built and the historic Otis Estate barn was disassembled and moved from Bayshore and is now the center of landscape operations.

Our well known collection of conifers and unusual trees was started and many permanent trees were added to the original Milton plantings. It should be noted that many of the original trees, which now tower over the garden center, were planted as yearlings from small pots comprising the first shipment to Long Island from the renowned Monrovia Nursery of California. This time period also saw the arrival of husband and wife design team, Ken and Teresa Pascual, and second generation plantsman/designer, Bob Strubel, who for forty plus years, have been the core of the design-build and management team.

We hope you’ll stop in and spend some time with us. We’d love to put our sixty plus years of experience to work in your garden. It will all start with a handshake!

Our Team

Robert Strubel
General Manager

Kyshawn Myrick
Head of Furniture & Garden Décor

Ken Pascual
Lead Designer

Teresa Pascual
Garden Design and Maintenance

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